Lorna Christensen-Moore

Lorna and the Lotus

Why did I choose the lotus as a symbol for my work?

Traveling in Bali, Indonesia, with a group of Eriksonian hypnotherapists, I was exposed to an amazing culture of love, devotion and honoring of humankind, (“each visitor is sent by the divine, and we treat them accordingly”). There was beauty in the natural surroundings as well as their dress, and environments. I learned their ways of healing that honor the sacred, as well as modern day medical interventions. Nearing our 20th day there, visiting villages and ceremonies, dressing in traditional Balinese dress, I saw the magic of a large lotus breaking through the surface of a pond near my dwelling. The stem was strong enough to hold this large flower bud, 10 inches, as it shot up from the water’s surface, each day growing another 3 inches up until it was 3 feet tall, and within a day it opened to it’s full glory. It was amazing and stunning. Later I learned the symbolism of the lotus. That is: from the muddy bottom, where the nutrients are gleaned in the dark, this magnificent flower emerges – strong and proud.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time outdoors in nature, and indoors studying and making things with my hands. I had ADHD, and yet there were no words for it then. Mostly just superior grades in enthusiasm and difficulties when I impulsively spoke out of turn, got too excited about the new things I was learning, and creatively put disparate things together as I saw and felt many things being related and relative in the universe. I was and am a scientist, a mystic, an artist and a born catalyzing agent, which comes in handy as a catalyst for healing.




Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, MA

THESIS: The Effects of Running on Cerebral Hemisphere Functioning and its Implications for the Treatment of Psychological Disorders


Universityor Humanistic Studies, San Diego, CA


University of California San Diego, CA

Graduated with Honors; Dean’s List

Extensive CONTINUING EDUCATION including the following areas:

  • Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Levels I & II
  • Post-Trauma Desensitization; DID, DDNOS, Somatic Processing (www.emdr.org);
  • EMDRIA Certified, and Approved Consultant in EMDR (www.emdria.com)
  • Energy Psychology methods:
  • Ericsonian Hypnotherapy
  • Gender-Sensitive Relational Psychotherapy: Sexual Abuse
  • Adult Attachment Issues (Attachment Repair Model)
  • Co-Dependency, Addictions, Consumption Disorders, Relapse Prevention
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Sexual Dysfunction, Gottman Marital Therapy, Schnarch Marital Therapy
  • Mind/Body Approaches to Healing
  • Guided Imagery – Interactive and Client-Centered: and Bonny Method I & II
  • Peak Performance and Creativity Enhancement


1983 – Present

Private Practice: San Diego, La Jolla and Del Mar, CA

General practice with individuals, couples and groups (abuse survivor’s groups, women’s process groups, “breaking-free-of-addictive-relationships” psycho-education groups).

Major Focus: Insomnia, PTSD; Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Panic Disorders, ADHD (counseling/coaching; teens / adults), Grief counseling; Women’s Issues (including menopause, eating disorders and relationships); Optimal Health counseling/coaching; Co-Dependency/Addictions; Psychological Adjustment and Health Promotion related to medical diagnoses (cancer, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease).

  • EMDR specialist at In-Patient Facility on contract working with ED, PTSD, Chronic Pain and Addictions; ages of therapeutic population 15-30. (2005)

April 1981- January 2000

Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Sharp HealthCare, San Diego, CA

  • Clinical Counseling Services: EAP, Trauma Service, Women’s Hospital, Rehabilitation Medicine, Medical Intensive Care, Acute Care, Oncology and Emergency Room Medicine.
  • Performed Psychosocial Assessments, Counseling and Referrals for Patients and Families.

September 1993- September 1995

Leukemia Society of America, San Diego Chapter

  • Volunteer Facilitator for Patient/Family Support Group (Volunteer of the Year 1994).

September 1979- April 1981

Clinical Social Worker, Family Service Association, San Diego.

1975 -1977: The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, Biomedical Research Lab Technician



  • EMDR San Diego Study Group
  • American Heart Association: Heart at Work Program
  • San Diego Cognitive Therapy Society
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics Annual Convention
  • Sharp HealthCare Women’s Symposium
  • U.S. Department of Labor Conference
  • Sharp Memorial Hospital, various departments