The Process

Taking the mystery out of the process

Determine your needs at this time:

Have you had coaching or therapy before?

Did you get to a certain place and stall? Did you have a good experience, yet something recent has happened where you have noticed some of the same symptoms returning? (problems with sleep, appetite, sadness, anxiety, social withdrawal, apathy, over -eating, -drinking, or -shopping, or relationship concerns?).

Never had coaching or therapy before and don’t know what it’s like?

Are you interested in improvement of your experience in life, e.g. better feelings, better health, better relationships, better job, finances, or the like? Does fulfillment elude you? or do you find yourself in a repeating pattern that doesn’t work for you or your loved ones?

Any kind of personal growth requires a commitment and an investment of time, money, and emotions. Yet with new more integrated techniques that actively involve your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, it simply doesn’t take as long as you might think. You may be hurting, but the process doesn’t need to hurt; it can be pain-releasing. The benefits of inner peace, connected, harmonious relationships, improved health and vitality is worth the investments. Some people read a few self help books, do the processes recommended in them, and can go on, having learned a few new things. Others, due to a lonely or compromised childhood, or stressful situations in adulthood, will require a guide at various times, to assist with their growth; to help them see the light within.